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Project coordinator

Association de Gestion des Fonds Européens

Management and coordination platform for the actions of local stakeholder systems, AGFE strengthens coherence and effectiveness of the various public interventions in the field of training, employment and inclusion including pooling of financial assistance from local authorities with the State, supported by the European Union in particular via the European Social Fund (ESF) and Erasmus+.

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Actions Intégrées de Développement

AID Coordination is the common tool for running its network of 35 training centres for socio-professional integration and providing services collectively and individually for all its members. Its actions are divided into 5 main areas: Delegated management of external relations and political relations on behalf of all, information and communication, reflection and educational activities, project development and management support.



Association locale d’insertion par l’économique

Since 2002, the association ALIE has aimed to promote social and professional integration of young people and adults in difficulty. Within this framework, ALIE manages the “Local Plan for Integration and Employment” in the north of La Reunion island and carries out numerous integration projects in the fields of construction, green spaces, organic farming and eco-mobility. They offer fixed-term integration contracts that enable work-based training while benefiting from individualised support to access training or employment.

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INUK Institute for Advanced Communication Management

INUK institute is a non-profit research and training organization, focused on developing and promoting modern communication models and strategies, that support a shared value economy, empower communities and enable inclusion for everyone. Institute offers different training and consultancy services for organisations (educational, private and public) and individuals, especially in the field of digital education, inclusive education, accessibility of environment, services and information for people with disabilities and elderly as well as economic and social sustainability.

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University of Klagenfurt

Universität Klagenfurt is a public university in Austria. The unit for Adult Learning and Education and Vocational Education and Training at the Department for Educational Science focuses in its researching and teaching activities, amongst others, on social inclusion and lifelong, life-wide and life-deep/transformational learning of adults, including educational access and capacity building for formally low-qualified adults and basic education for adults.

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Scuola Centrale Formazione Associazione

SCF is a national association with 47 members organizations (which manage around 100 VET centers), present in 11 Italian Regions. Its main mission is to provide support for innovative teaching/learning – through technology and digitalization, students and staff mobilities, staff permanent training and participation in European projects.

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Chance B Holding GMBH

The association Chance B was founded in 1986. Today Chance B is a non-profit organisation operating in Eastern Styria. The aim is to provide support where people need it in order to lead a fulfilled and independent life. In this context Chance B offers social services in different areas. In the area of Education and work, it supports people to get a job in the primary labour market in different ways adapted to the individual. In the area of Innovation and Development, Chance B looks to innovative solutions in cooperation with regional, national and international partners.

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